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How To Grow Celery From Stump (Step By Step Guide)

by Idris Ya'u
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Celery is a vegetable plant known scientifically as Apium graveolens and it comes from the family of plants known as parsley (Apiaceae). Celery contains Vitamins, Flavonoids, minerals, and antioxidant nutrients. They are also herbaceous in nature and are a low-calorie plant which lowers cholesterol levels, fights against pains and lowers blood pressure.

It has also been discovered to have a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Every part of the celery plant has its own medicinal and health functions hence; it is planted globally and included in most diets.

Due to its high medicinal properties, it is one of the essential plants that should grace your garden due to all parts of the plant’s usefulness. Your home planted garden celery gives you that feeling of natural taste and contains fewer chemicals when compared to the store-bought ones.

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How to select your celery for planting

Celery plants can be gotten from your store. You don’t need the seed to regrow your celery in your garden. Your celery plants can be planted from the stump. All you need is to get a couple of bunches and your garden is set.

Firstly, when selecting, choose a firm stalk that is green in color, has no discoloration, and has fresh and crisp leaves. Secondly, after getting the celery plant, leave its base intact and slice about 2 inches off the root end of the celery bunch.

Thirdly, put the stump in a bowl of water and ensure that the root side of the stump is in the water. You can change the water every couple of days to avoid drying out.

Lastly, within a couple of days, new leaves will begin to grow from the middle of the stump. You can place your bowl of celery plant where the sun can reach it or any sunny spot, though you might want to avoid the excess sun.

However, for optimal growth, the plants should not be left for too long before it is transferred into the soil for transplanting.

Note also that, when you are transplanting your celery stump in the soil the first thing to do is to ensure that the stump is well-rooted, before it can then be transplanted into the soil.

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How to Grow your Celery Stump

Celery plants have a long growing period so there might be a need to start planting on time. Although they are biennial plants, they can still be planted annually.
Below are tips to grow celery:

1) You can prepare the soil ahead by adding your compost and manure to help boost soil fertility before planting. There might still be a need for fertilizers to be added to the plants when they start growing fully.

2) Plant the celery in an area where there is easy access to sunlight. Celery plant will thrive under 6 hours of sunlight daily. However, excess sunlight may weaken the plant’s growth.

3) They are cool-weather and water-loving plants so there will be a need to provide enough water, especially during the hot season. Lack of sufficient water will make the stalk dry out which tampers with the growth of plants.

4) When planting your celery stump, dig a hole and gently place the plant from the root end into the soil, though the visible growing flowers and stalks must be above the soil. Then you can gradually cover the surrounding area with moist soil.

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5) The soil must be able to retain its moisture content which is one of the vital points to be noted and as much as they love a wet environments the soil must still be well-draining.

6) Watch the surrounding area of your garden for weeds. When weeding the celery plants, you need to be careful because celery has shallow roots and could be easily rooted out alongside the weed plants.

7) Another important thing to be done is to acclimatize the celery before planting them in your garden. This process simply means familiarizing your celery plants with the outdoor weather. This can be done by bringing them out daily and leaving them longer outside each day because a sudden change in the weather especially frost can affect the plants and cause them to wilt.

With the above tips on growing your celery plant from stump, you are well on your way to enjoying a full harvest.


I hope this guide helps you understand how to grow celery from a stump. I would like to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions about growing celery from a stump.

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