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How Long Does it Take to Grow Celery from Stalk

by Idris Ya'u
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Usually, it takes about 5 months to grow celery from stalk to the time it will be ready for harvesting. This should also be with adequate and proper amount of sunlight and water. Once you grow your celery from a stalk, you can make use of your new celery stalk base to repeat the process and get another fresh celery. To grow your celery from stalk:

Prepare the Celery Stalk in a Bowl. Cut the Celery Stalks from the Base to Give Room for New Stalks to Grow.

Cut the celery stalks about 1 inch – 2 inches from the base. This gives room for new stalks to grow without having to eliminate important nutrients. Afterwards, clean the cut celery stalk base with water and pat dry using a cloth or paper towel. Ensure that you clean it well and that the stalk is free of any dirt, debris, or bugs.

Put the Celery Stalk Base in a 2 – 3 Inches Deep Bowl Partially Filled with Warm Water. Warm water helps to stimulate the growth of new celery stalks.

Place the cut and cleaned celery stalk in a bowl. Let the bottom of the plant be facing down while the recently cut portion, facing up. Also, ensure that the bowl used is clean and deep enough to hold several ounces of water without spilling over.

Proceed to fill the bowl with enough water so that about two-third of the celery stalk base is submerged, approximately 1.3cm – 3.8cm based on the size of your celery stalk base.

Store the Celery Stalk Base in the Bowl in a Sunny Place for 5 – 7 Days. Your celery stalk base needs to get a lot of natural light and will need an average of about 6 – 7 hours of natural light each day.

Change the Water Regularly. As the stalk begins to grow, it will absorb a significant amount of water surrounding the stalk. It is very necessary to replenish the water.

This allows your celery to continue flourishing. Always check the water level in the bowl containing your celery stalk daily and top off the water in the bowl as required so that two-third of your celery stalk remains submerged.

Change the water every 2 – 3 days. This helps to ensure that the celery stalk is provided with clean water for its tall growth and also, helps it stay strong.

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Transplanting the Celery Stalk into Soil

Ensure that Your Celery is Ready for Transplanting. Check your celery for signs that it is ready for transplanting. One of the signs is that the outside of the very stalk base would have begun to grow brown and break down.

The old celery stalk breaks down so that natural nutrients can be created for the new stalk to grow. Also, once you see tiny sprouts of new growth springing up, if it is also another sign that the celery is ready for transplanting.

Fill about Two-Third of the Planting Pot with High Quality General Use with Potting Soil. Fill the pot with enough soil so that you can get to add more around and also on top of the celery stalk base so that only the new sprouts are sticking out.

Planting the Celery Stalk in the Potting Soil

With care, lift your celery stalk out of the bowl and place it in the centre of your planting pot on top of the potting soil. Cover the original celery stalk base with new soil and add just a little at a time while leaving only the new celery shoots sticking out at the top.

Water Adequately

Add enough water to your celery plants so that they can continue to flourish. Celery needs adequate water to grow strong, thus, if your new growth shoots are discoloured, dry, or small, water more often.

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Growing celery from stalk is fun, easy, inexpensive and requires just about 5 months to mature to the harvesting stage. I hope you find this article helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.


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