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Can You Regrow Celery from Grocery Store? Now Answered

by Idris Ya'u
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Absolutely yes! You can regrow celery bought from the grocery stores. All you need to do is to transplant them in your garden under the required soil and temperature conditions.

Store-bought celery is most times, blanched i.e part of the plant is covered up so as to prevent photosynthesis. It’s not necessary to blanch your celery but if you are the type who prefers very mild-tasting celery, or live in a hot climate, it is ideal to blanch your celery every 2 – 3 weeks before harvesting them.

There are many ways to do this; an easy way is to wrap the stalks with newspapers, using a string to hold them in place lightly. Another way is to cut both the top and bottom out of clean, waxed milk cartons and have one carton placed over each celery plant.

The traditional way of blanching celery is to mound soil over the celery stalks. If your location is not ideal for growing celery probably too hot or too cold temperatures, it’s best to look for a variety of very that grow well in your area. Likely, one which is not a grocery store variety.

1) How to Preserve Celery

You can store your celery stalks in a refrigerator. Wrapping the base of the celery plant in a damp paper towel can help extend the storage time. Celery scraps, meaning the leaves or the base of the stalk can make an excellent addition to stock or bone broth.

Celery stalks and leaves freeze excellently well. All you need to do is just chop and put it in freezer bags. The leaves and stalks also dehydrate well.

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2) Tips for Growing Celery

Grow your celery in rich, well-drained soil. They grow well in large pots.

Celery plants are lovers of partial shade or full sun. If you have a temperature above 80 degrees, provide your celery dappled shade and you can as well, put it under a shade cloth.

Being a marshland plant, celery loves lots of water. Thus, do not allow the soil to dry out at any time, otherwise, you will end up having celery with pithy or hollow stalks.

Also, add mulch around your celery plants. This is very helpful and helps in retaining moisture.

When harvesting your celery, cut off what you need at the base of the plant, leaving not less than seven center stalks on the plant always. This is applicable when harvesting individual stalks. If not, you can slice up the whole celery plant.

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You can regrow celery from the grocery store, as long as you actually have the whole bunch of celery and not just individual ribs. After purchase, regrow a small amount of new celery from the bunch purchased at the store.

Note that this method works as long as you possess the root end of the entire bunch of celery. It is expected that you get at least a few stalks worth of celery out of the stump and probably even more.

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