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10 Best Carrots to Grow in Raised Bed

by Idris Ya'u
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When we talk about common root carrots, the common one we know is the orange-coloured carrots. But there are many more varieties than just orange carrots.

Some people enjoy adding carrots to their meals because it brightens the plates and nourishes the body’s systems.

Continue reading this article because I will be revealing varieties of carrots that you may like to eat, buy, or plant.

1# Deep Purple Hybrid

This is a royal deep purple carrot. The deep Purple hybrid is completely purple and gives a distinct and ornamental colour to dips, snacks, and salads.

It is advisable to eat them raw after washing them because if cooked, it loses their colour. 

During maturity, it grows 7-8 inches and has a tall front that makes it reach a height of 24 inches. The harvesting period for this carrot is 75-80 days.

2# Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope carrot has a rainbow mixed nature. It is a mixture of three to four colours of carrots with names like Lunar White, Cosmic Purple, Atomic Red, Solar Yellow, Bambino, and a few others. It has an expectancy of 75-80 days to maturity with roots of 8 inches.

3# Imperator 58

In 1993, IMPERATOR 58 was an outstanding winner of the All-America Selection awards for carrots. It is very large and has a lot of flavors in it, maxing out at 9 inches, and very affordable to purchase in the store.

It is advisable to plant IMPERATOR 58 carrots in loose soil. Its expected harvesting time is 68 days.

4# Little Fingers

The maturity time of little fingers is earlier than most varieties. From the growth stage to the harvesting stage, the roots should be ready in 55 days. Don’t be carried away by its medium size.

It might look small, but the little finger is filled with flavour and sweetness. In addition, it can be planted and marked by compactness and still produce an encouraging harvest. It can also be grown in a small environment.

This vegetable grows vigorously or flourishes with full sun in USDA Hardiness Zones 3–8 and grows well in sandy and well-drained soil.

5# Parisian Heirloom

This variety produces roots that are stumpy and very round, making it easy to grow in compacted or clay soil. The splendid feature of this carrot is that, aside from its special shape, fine texture, and good flavor, it matures earlier than other varieties. Its harvesting period is 60 days.

6# Lunar White

As the name suggests, this type of carrot produces very long, white roots that are 6 inches in length and will be ready for harvest in 65–80 days. The tasty and tender carrot is similar to the parsnip and tastes like orange root.

It has healthy growth in sandy and well-drained soil in USDA Hardiness Zones 3–12 and flourishes in acidic soil of pH 6-7.

7# Purple Dragon

This is an excellent carrot because of its nutritional content. A deep, rich purple with an orange colour at the centre, this type of carrot satisfies the taste of the tongue.

It gives your food a bright color and makes it appetizing. It requires 65–70 days to harvest, with sizes ranging from 4–8 inches and 6-inch roots.

8# Red Carrots

It is a rich and delicious vegetable that many people love to consume. They grow and flourish in sandy and well-drained soil.

It has a length of 6 inches at root within 65-80 days when the sprout becomes significant. If properly stored, the red carrots are capable of living up to 4 years.

9# Solar Yellow

This beautiful yellow carrot brings sustaining happiness to your face when eating it. It is an ancient heirloom which is rich in healthy nutrients.

These narrow, yellow-root carrots are about 7 inches in length and are ready for harvest after 60 days. This variety is good for cool-season planting and can be nurtured in the sun or partial shade.

10# Tender Sweet

Tender sweet carrots are a perfect competitor to other carrots and vegetables when it comes to juicing. It’s excellent for lovers of vegetables and a good variety for stalking up veggies for canning. It also freezes more than any other carrot.

Tender sweet carrots flourish in full sun in zones 3-9 and grow well in sandy and well-drained soil. Its carrot seed produces smaller fruits and has a 7-inch root in 75 days.


With the information in this post and the number of carrots listed here, you can easily make a choice of the carrot you prefer to plant in your raised beds and begin to cultivate it.


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