How To Grow Zucchini From Scraps And Seeds

How To Grow Zucchini From Scraps And Seeds

Did you come across a good zucchini and you have fallen in love with the taste, color, size, and flavor of the zucchini? And now you are wondering how to grow the zucchini from the leftover scraps?

Whatever may be the reason, growing zucchini either from scraps or seeds is straightforward and simple. Follow along with this handy guide to learn how to grow zucchini from scraps and seeds.

Concerning the growing conditions, zucchini plant grows well in full sun and in well-drained, warm, and rich fertile soil. The soil temperatures requirements range from 60-70°F and the optimal pH range for proper growth is (6-6.8).

With this basic information about the growing conditions of zucchini in mind, here is a list of answers to some of your frequently asked questions about growing zucchini:

Can you replant zucchini?

Zucchini does not survive in most cases when transplanted due to transplant shock (tip: learn more about transplant shock) it is usually planted either in container or garden soil and then grows there up to maturity.

However, some gardeners prefer to start the seeds indoors and then later transplant them to the garden.

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How to grow zucchini from scraps

Growing the zucchini from scraps is simple. Here is a step by step guide on how to grow the plant:

Choose the zucchini scraps: while selecting from the scraps, choose one that is matured and can germinate. This is because if you plant zucchini seeds that are not ripe, they will not germinate.

Scoop out the seeds from scraps: if you have found the right zucchini scraps that satisfy the above quality, collect the seeds from the scraps. Use your fingers or spoon to scoop out the seeds from the zucchini scraps. Place the seeds in a clean container.

Wash the seeds with water: wash your zucchini seeds under tap water to remove zucchini flesh from the seeds. Pat dry the seeds with a paper towel.

Dry the seeds: dry the seeds by spreading on a clean tray or newspaper and then place the tray or newspaper in a dry and well ventilated place. You need to turn the seeds every day for 2-3 days.

Prepare the potting mix: prepare your potting mix by adding well balanced ratio of coarse sand, compost, shredded straw, dried leaves, peat moss, and agricultural lime.

To avoid mistakes, you can buy well-prepared potting soil from garden centers. Gently add water to moisten the potting mix in the container. Place the seeds 1-2 inches deep.

Water the seeds gently to keep the potting mix and seeds moist. Zucchini grows well in a nutrient-rich soil.

So, add in a slow-release fertilizer such as 10-10-10 fertilizer to the potting mix. Place the pot(s) under a sunny area that receives about 6 hours or more of sunlight.

Continue to water to keep the soil moist. While you are irrigating, avoid overhead irrigation, this is because wet leaves cause diseases such as powdery mildew.

This is how to grow zucchini scraps. Let us now discuss how to grow zucchini from seeds:

How to grow zucchini from seeds

The steps for growing zucchini from seeds are the same as that of growing zucchini from scraps. But, you can observe some differences while I’m explaining since in this case, I will use a garden spot instead of container.

Here is a step by step guide on how to grow zucchini from seeds:

Buy seeds from reliable source: your first step to growing quality zucchini is to buy good varieties of zucchini seeds.

You can choose from these varieties of zucchini: cocozelle, zephyr, and black beauty.

Another way to find good varieties of zucchini (if you can’t find the varieties I mentioned above) is to ask some of the local zucchini growers or local gardeners.

This way you can find a good cultivar with proper adaptations to your climatic conditions, pests, and diseases.

Tip: learn more on how to choose quality seeds from here and here to learn how to buy good seeds

Determine the best time for growing zucchini: zucchini seeds are usually started indoors around late April or early May. While direct sowing of seeds and transplanting is done in late May or early June.

Start the seeds indoors or in the garden: if you are planning against June, you can start the seeds indoors in early May. You only need to transplant them to the garden spot in June.

However, this method is usually done by professional zucchini growers. As a new gardener to growing zucchini, direct sow the seeds in the garden or grow them in containers.

Prepare the garden spot: zucchini needs a full sun and thrive well in well-drained, warm, and nutrient-rich soil.

Losen the surface of the garden soil and mix in a 2-inch layer of compost. Then, section the garden into a raised beds.

Make sure temperatures of the garden soil is within the range of 25-35°C (68-95°F) and the pH level should between 6-6.8 maximum.

Tip: learn more on how to prepare a garden spot

Plant the seeds or transplant: if you already started the seeds indoors, you need to dig 2-4 inches deep hole. Leave 18-24 inches of space between holes.

Place one seedling in each hole and gently cover with a dirt. Add one cup of organic fertilizer around the base of each transplant or seedling. Avoid irritating the leaves as this may cause powdery mildew disease.

Tip: learn more on how to transplant seedling without killing them

And if you are planting from seeds, just sow 2-3 seeds of zucchini in 1-2 inches holes of the garden soil. Cover the holes with dirt and water gently to keep the garden and seeds moist. Make sure you leave 18-24 inches of space between holes.

Take care of your zucchini garden: you need to continue to water the garden when the topsoil is dried.

Keep the soil moist because zucchini loves moist environment. But, avoid flooding your garden and do not water the surface of the leaves.

Always water around the base of zucchini plants. Watch for pests and diseases, and control them. Weed the garden whenever the need arises.

Tip: learn more on how to take care of a garden

How long does it take to grow zucchini?

Under normal conditions, an average zucchini can take about 7-9 weeks to mature after planting. Zucchini can be harvested several times in a single season.

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How many zucchini can you get from one zucchini plant?

Zucchini is one of the popular vegetables that grow very fast and can produce plenty of fruits. Under normal conditions, one zucchini plant can produce up to 10 pounds of zucchini fruits per plant.

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Related Questions

Should I soak zucchini seeds before planting?

Yes, you can soak zucchini seeds. Soaking the seeds in water for about 24 hours prior to planting can improve zucchini seeds germination and decrease germination time.

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Can I grow zucchini from store-bought zucchini?

Zucchini plants can be grown from store-bought zucchini. However, some store-bought varieties may be hybrid or GMOs. And these types of varieties are not good for growing.

Why are my zucchini short and fat?

Your Zucchini will grow short and fat if there is problem with pollination. Poor pollination in zucchini can cause stubby on the blossom end and poor fruits formation.


In this article, I discussed how to grow zucchini from seeds and scraps. I hope you will find the article helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.