How to Grow Celery in Nigeria

How to Grow Celery in Nigeria

Getting celery seed may be quite challenging but you can easily get the parent stem from farmers. It is known that the stem establishes faster than seeds. Garden celery is much better than store-bought types not only because it tastes better, but also due to the fact that it is less chemically-laden.

To harvest in late autumn or early winter, plant celery in mid – late summer. This should be done in warm spring or summer regions. Be knowledgeable on the time to plant each flower plant most especially on the fact that they should be planted during rainy season and others in dry season. There are two ways of growing celery in Nigeria.

1) Growing Celery from Seed

It takes up to 90 days to grow celery from seed to transplant size. However, the seedlings can be transplanted a bit earlier in favourable weather. Even though celery seeds are tiny, both types of celery seedlings are hard little things which are easy to harden off and transplant.

However, another slow time emerges for the celery gardener. This is because the seedlings often film to resume steady growth for 3 weeks. All the while, they need to be kept weeded and given enough water to keep the soil moist.

Once established, cutting celery grows a big root system which performs an excellent job of searching for and using water. Summer celery depends on a taproot which functions best in moist soil with the stalks having the sweetest taste when they are deprived of light 2 – 3 weeks prior to harvesting.

You can use a soaker hose frequently through the summer with binding the plants with strips of cloth to block light to the hearts.

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2) Growing Celery in Containers

Growing celery in containers is excellent. You can grow one plant in a 12 inch wide plastic pot and you can as well, grow several plants together in planters produced from plastic storage bins.

Celery requires more water than other plants this, they benefit a lot from moisture a retentive properties of plastic containers.

Getting your celery from store and re-growing them might not be the best option. Re-growing store-bought celery will not get you a healthy, productive plant. Rather, a few small stalks will grow from the nutrient reserves in the basal tissues. Then, the party comes to an abrupt end when the mother crown begins to rot.

You can grow celery using the dark green stalks from cutting celery during the first half of the growing season, with traditional celery taking over from midsummer and until fall. This seems to be the most ideal way of having fresh celery all season long.

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Growing celery in Nigeria is quite easy. Just ensure you follow the steps and procedures and take note of their growth conditions and requirements.