How Tall Do Brussels Sprouts Grow? Now Answered

How Tall Do Brussels Sprouts Grow? Now Answered

Brussels sprouts belong to the Gemmifera Group of cabbages. Many gardeners find growing a good crop of Brussels sprouts to be a herculean task most especially in matters relating to the best time of the year to grow them as well as how tall or big they grow.

When it comes to growth, healthy and fully matured Brussels sprouts grow about 2.5 feet tall if properly taken care of. Brussels sprouts have certain cultivating requirements when compared with most other vegetables.

Meeting these specifications, your Brussel sprouts will be robust, tall and your garden will end up giving you at least two months supply of this staple vegetable.

1) How Tall Do Brussels Sprouts Grow?

Following the requirements and criteria for healthy growth coupled with adequate space, your Brussel sprouts will grow about 2.5 feet tall when fully mature.

To achieve this, provide 24 – 36 inches of space between plants when growing in rows and 24 inches in whichever direction when planting in a bed.

Note that when transplanting stunted Brussels sprout seedlings, may lead to having plants that never fully mature. For your plants to reach their natural height, ensure that you get healthy seeds and also, meet the requirements.

Brussels sprouts grow in the joint or leaf axil and start maturing upward starting from the bottom of the plant. Initially, they grow tall and don’t begin producing sprouts until they reach about full height. This is about 3 months post-transplant. (Learn how to grow Brussel sprouts from seeds)

Harvesting of your Brussel sprouts can begin between 70 – 90 days after transplanting when the plant is approximately 2.5 feet tall.

You get to know if your Brussel sprouts are mature from the lower sprouts, the size of large marbles while depending on the variety.

Try as much as possible to pick the sprouts before they turn pale yellow or become large as they can end up turning bitter or start cracking and become unsuitable for consumption.

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2) Brussels Sprouts Weed Control & Eradication

For your Brussels plant’s growth to obtain maximum potential, timely weed control at different growth stages is necessary. To weed, make use of your hand as Brussel sprouts have a very shallow root system. Make use of a wedding instrument only when it is actually necessary.

An excellent weed control tool for Brussels, Is the oscillating stirrup hoe. It is not only handy, it also breaks up the surface of the soil to form a good tilth. A tilth allows air and moisture into the roots of your Brussels sprouts and this helps in increasing their vigor and significantly making a contribution to how tall they will grow.

3) Pests/Diseases Control

This is another factor that can also affect the growth/how tall your Brussel sprouts will grow. Since Brussels sprouts are prone to the same problems as broccoli and cabbage, the most common pests include cabbageworm, cabbage looper, aphids, e.t.c. Ensure you monitor for problems periodically, most especially before the sprouts start forming.

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Time is very important when growing this plant. Also, try as much as possible to avoid pole beans, tomatoes, strawberries, e.t.c if you want your Brussels sprouts to grow tall.


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