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Can You Plant Garlic Cloves From The Grocery Store? 4+ Questions And Answers

by Idris Ya'u
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CAN YOU PLANT GARLIC CLOVES FROM THE GROCERY STORE?: Garlic cloves like every other seeds can be planted irrespective of their origin. What matters most is your acceptance of its growth process and productivity.

Products from store-bought garlic have a 50% chance of being stored for a long time under certain factors which serves as preservatives to prolong their shelf or to prevent it from sprouting. However, it doesn’t mean that they won’t grow well.

Their growth depends on other factors like the type of soil and the climatic conditions of the environment. For areas commonly provided with imported products and materials, there may be some factors to overcome while planting foreign seeds. This is so because some areas are identified for their massive successful cultivation of some fruits, for instance Tomato is associated with Mexico. And so, you will find out that tomato thrives well there.

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Generally, crop will definitely grow in some other countries but not compared to the rate of that of its favourable location. Most grocery garlics are imported from China where they have been given treatments to last for months while shipping. The question: what quantity do you want? If it’s a smaller scale, you can but if it is mass scale or commercial usage it would not be productive compared to farmers fresh garlic planting.

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How do you grow garlic from store-bought cloves?

Are you ready to plant your store bought Garlic? Planting Garlic is a very easy procedure but before that, what kind of store did you get the garlic from? A grocery store or a seed store? From a fresh product market or stored and treated market? If your garlic bulb is from the latter, you would be expecting a limited growth. To grow, separate the bulb into cloves. Planting Garlic is not planting a whole bulb.

Just one clove can produce many after germination therefore one clove is planted each. Watch out for stunted and miniature cloves to be removed. Make sure the distance is considerably accommodating for the garlic leaves to spread, ensure you remove weed and wet the garlic regularly if planted on the ground or in a created space for planting.

Another option is using the process of vernalisation. This is the treatment of seeds or bulbs by exposure to low temperatures so as to decrease the vegetative period or to cause the plant to flower or bear fruits quickly. Doing this to your garlic will help you determine if it is dead or alive, by refrigerating it for 7 days or more. This process facilitates its growth and size.

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Most Store garlics are soft necked and a perfect in middle climate areas. They are the most imported unlike hard necked garlics. Before planting, you can also quicken the germination process by
soaking your garlic cloves in a mixture of water, organic fish fertilizer, and baking. It protects it against fungal diseases that may already have infected it. These diseases may not be visible but by the time it is planted, it will become more noticeable. You can either do this for thirty minutes, overnight or up to three days.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you plant garlic from supermarket?

It is recommended that you should avoid planting garlic from supermarket. This is because most of the garlic on the supermarket shelves are treated with chemical preservatives to increase or prolong the shelf life. Also, most of them are hybrids or GMOs.

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Does garlic have to sprout before planting?

It is not necessary to sprout garlic before planting. Ensure that you plant them at the right time and in the right garden soil or potting mixes. For details about growing garlic in containers, read this guide.

Can I put garlic in freezer before planting?

This is especially important if you are growing hardneck garlic. Hardneck garlic thrives well in colder weather. So, you can plant them by putting them in freezer so that you will have a head start on the season.

What happens if you plant a whole garlic bulb?

If you plant the whole garlic bulb, the garlic cloves will grow too closely without enough room for each clove to grow properly. The garlic plants can grow but they will fail to mature into many cloves.

How late is too late planting garlic?

Generally, in zones 5 to 7, garlic is grown between mid to late October. While in zones 7 to 9, garlic plant is planted between late October through November. And in zones 9 to 10, garlic is planted from late October through December.

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Why is wild garlic illegal?

Some of the wild species of domesticated crops are invasive while others are poisonous. These are some of the reasons why some authorities make it illegal to grow wild garlic species without guidance.


I hope this article helps you in understanding whether you can grow store-bought garlic. Let me know if you have any questions about growing and harvesting garlic.

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